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Do you want us to haunt YOUR Halloween event?!

After three years as Mid-Michigan's premiere blacklight haunt, we had to close.  We moved to a new location, and it just isn't feasible to operate a haunt there.  While this is sad for us (and our many haunt fans), it could be an opportunity for you!  Does your charity, organization, or business have a Halloween event that could benefit from being "haunted"?  Or do you want to start a new event?  We are currently seeking partners.  We are open to partners in the general Isabella County area.  We have costumes, sets, props, maze walls, tents, lighting, fog machines, PA system, lasers, and of course blacklights (as we were a glowing blacklight haunt)!  We also have expertise in haunting and event creation, including attending haunt classes at the MidWest Haunter's Convention.  Our former haunt was an indoor/outdoor event, and we are open to either going forward.  We have a ton of haunt equipment and know-how, but no venue.  We are open to a variety of situations, it doesn't even have to necessarily be a haunt, it could be a large Halloween party or festival.   We have a true passion for Halloween, and we're friendly guys.  If you have an event (or want to start one), and are interested in partnering with us to "haunt" it, please contact us at:


What is Dark Realms?

DARK REALMS is a haunted attraction in Mount Pleasant, MI. It is open for FREE to the community on select weekends every October. Part haunted house, part Halloween yard display, Dark Realms is the only glowing haunted attraction in the Mid Michigan area. The haunt features uv reactive costumes, sets, and props that glow under black lights. What Dark Realms lacks in size, it makes up for with special effects including black lights, fog, projection, mist, animated props, custom soundtrack, and lasers!  The event also collects voluntary donations for the Humane Animal Treatment Society of Mount Pleasant.  DARK REALMS is run by two Mount Pleasant residents (brothers) who are CMU alumni.

2015 Theme: Dark Tiki Island

This year at Dark Realms haunt the theme is DARK TIKI ISLAND! Come see a tropical paradise that has turned into a glowing tropical nightmare! Trek through the creepy creatures of a tropical jungle. See the mystical tiki statues. Stop for a photo op with the large mysterious moai head. Meet the natives for dinner... With YOU as the main course! Join us for Halloween fun at its finest!

tiki heads

Legend of Dark Tiki Island

In 1881 a long rambling message in a large rum bottle washed ashore on a beach in southern Chile in South America. The message gave indications as to the fate of famed archaeologist Professor Morgan Gregory, who had been presumed "lost at sea" a decade earlier. It had been written in the professor's own handwriting.

The message stated that Professor Gregory's small vessel had been en route from New Zealand to Chile when it was suddenly consumed by a mysterious lightning storm. The storm was so violent that the entire 10-person crew was rendered unconscious. One-by-one the crew awoke on the beach of a dark tropical island, lit only by the moon. The Ship Master tried to use the position of the stars in the night sky to determine their geographic location, but he found that incredibly the stars were in a configuration he had never seen before. The crew was seemingly off the map!

Most of the rest of the document was difficult to follow, as it had been smeared with copious amounts of dried blood. There was mention of distant tribal drums, twisted tiki statues, footprints in the mud, and the smell of unusual meat cooking. The latter parts of the document contained fantastical ravings about things that couldn't possibly be true… An unnatural fog that cloaked the island day and night, strange swirling green lights in the jungle, and even more incredibly the words "giant shimmering spiders" appear. The last sentences on the parchment clearly show a warped mind: "I'm hiding back on the beach. The crew is dead. The glowing spectre is coming to take my head. The glowing... shimmering... Please do not try to find me, for this island is glowing doom."


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